Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five to six-sensed Evolution.

As I sit down
In the midst of a bush-grown
Before the rise of dawn,
Closely from the being
The eyes captures
The beings around,
Their attitude towards life.

In deep silence, I look
Their way of living.

This little white flowery fly,
It takes off from the ground,
Knowing the short life it possesses.
It moves, flies, climbs high,
And, oh! There it goes down.

It gets uprooted from soil,
It gives up dying, living.
However short its life is.

And the other one,
It’s even baffling
As it’s caught by
The ever-moving dark ant.

As it makes it the prey,
Did I tell you?
It shares what it gets!!
The kingdom lines up,
Close on the heels of
Dropping the food,
Ah! The other one comes
And gets hold of it.
There they go,
Moving on and on, in unison.

As the life withers away,
That little snail from the Snell,
Came out at the right moment,
Caught hold of its desire.

In the far end
Is this little cat
With sharp eyes,
It comes
jumping, flying In ecstasy,
as if there’s
Tons of prey,
That intensity!!

Oh and there she comes,
Shhhhhrr, from the Snell
To the deep throat,
A being rests in peace
Through another.

As the satisfaction covers its face,
Lowers its head,
Slows its walk,
It gradually rises and rises,
And looks towards heaven.

That image captures,
in the eyes,
Through the mind.

A little bird,
from the nest
Like a perfect army
With its relatives, by air,
Flies, as it swings the arms,
Higher and higher for eternity.

A moment of big stature
Holds the journey,
down she comes
Slowly and slowly, carefully
Strays down on a cow.

This gigantic being
Did it shrug the feather off?
Oh no! As if they’re in-mates,
They cuddle as the
Sharp-peak-mouth of bird
Flings the little micron
Between the hairs in the ears.
They’re on a song
Filled with bliss,
Beyond all the boundaries.

As this mind, this human mind
Comes back to normalcy
It goes vrooooooom ...
Bundle of thoughts…
“Why this life? Why this memory?
Why this guilt? Why sadness?
Why to forget? Why not in the moment?
Why this m (e) an-less war inside?”
Questions. Questions. Questions.

And all the beings
Around this human mind
In the existence
Laughingly jokes,

“You six-coated-nothing
We five-together-something make a laugh
However minute we’re
However short our life is
But you, you…
With that extra-perception,
Always glooming in the questions!!

Take a piece from us,
Just fly, share, move, love
Forget, live and how?
To the fullest,
In the moment,
Every moment.”

With the happy-tears of
Those dark clouds
Towards the desert
The darkness vanished outside,
Greener it becomes inside,
Lively the life is! <3

P.S: Happy b'day sush. This one's for you. Life's beautiful,right?



  1. Mind Boggling nu sonna thappu ayidum Heart Blowing :)

  2. this is one of the best things to happen in ma life :)