Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everyone's ONE

Everyone's a musician,
For that heart beats every second.
Any better music than that?

Everyone's a photographer,
For that eyes clicks every moment.
Any better lens than that?

Everyone's an artist,
For that actions are reaction of thoughts.
Any better art than that?

Everyone's a theist,
For that one believes in own self.
Any better belief than that?

Everyone's a poet,
For that one emotes at every instance.
Any better poetry than that?

Everyone's a singer,
For that one utters maa at first.
Any better song than that?

Everyone's kind,
For that one's from mother's womb.
Any better love than that?

Everyone's a globe-trotter,
For that one has a world inside.
Any better world to explore?

Everyone's beautiful,
For that one has heart.
Any better beauty?

Everyone's gifted,
For that one's a human.
Any better gift than that?

Everyone's ONE,
For that we're HUMANS,
Any better TRUTH than that?:-)


1 comment:

  1. i wanted to comment on this poat of urs for long..the pic in this is really apt.. though there is lot of darkness in each ones life still there is some light which is yet to be brought out... this is how i relate the context and the pic... great one dude...