Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So,everybody say Yes.Kay!


I'm starting to put my pen on the paper,
After all the laziness crooning me in the corner,
Thinking about what to write
And how to put this out in words,
Striving hard to let the heart rule
Yeah! This pleasure of describing a soul
Makes me more soulful 'n passionate.
And the soul is a major part of me,


Yes! They named him Senthil Kumaran.
Okay! He autographs senthi.
Yes! Okay! He calls him Yes.Kay!
It's either high way or his way!
Letting you into his way,Here we go peeps!

(Verse 1)

Sometimes at some laggin' end of life,
feelin' disheartened ,been outta shape
Comes a ray of light,which always shines
That shine in the shrine,who could
change the attitude of one's life
is this bright sun-shine named Yes.Kay!


For a persona of flamboyance,
For that epitome of attitude,
And yeah,
For that oozing energy and confidence,
Here i am,
Tryna explain his whole life story,
Thro' my eyes,in his way,Yes.Kay!


You're okay,if you say yes! Yes okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 2)

Taking the majority junk,
Crooked are the minds,hard are the hearts,
Like the smell of earth,
Just after the rain,
Comes a pure heart
Erasing the miseries around
Lifting people up with his arms,
Giving 'em all that he's got,
Makes him the real champ of hearts.


And you're okay,if you say yes! Yes okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 3)

Everyone takes 'everyone' in 'em
Everywhere they go.
Hardly everyone takes everything
of one to everywhere.
Ain't happens with everyone
But with a special one in someone
Everyone can't resist,
but take this one everywhere!
That 'one' in everyone
who knows this one's Yes.Kay!


Neva sits back,
wallowing or procastinating,
Lives the moment,faces life in its stride
Oh yeah! Bounded by nothin'
Surrounded by everythin'
He has somethin' of him
in everythin' he does.


So,come again fella's,
Tap ya feets,
You're okay,if you say yes! Yes Okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 4)

Bonding's ain't about the quantity of days,
It's about the quality of moments spent,
Even more ,it's the feeling of oneness.
Never feel distant again,
now that we've got to know each other
Two by bodies,one by soul,
United by love,
From you to me,me to you,Yes.Kay!


Muscles,blood cells,et al maketh a body,
Money,bricks et al maketh materials.
Gives a shit about all of 'em
For that he has a heart
Filled with tons of life
Spreading graceful love,in
every iota of a second!

No worries,forget and forgive
Seems to be his whole life policy,
Politely,a voice in me hustles
"You've met one of your births
Thro' the energy that he spells,
Oh yeah! You beta spell it rite, Yes.Kay!


And you're okay,most certainly okay,
If you say Yes! Yes Okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 5)

World's better place,
for the ones who the world is him!
No inhibitions,no expectations of any kind,
He loves,lives,gives and never regrets.
So what ya do for him,
From the heart ,sing the song of Yes.Kay!
One more time ,the song of Yes.Kay!


Rite now,take a moment to wish him
a happy b'day filled with lotsa love!
And yeah! Setting the records right
The saga of Yes.Kay continues ...
Witness - You ask earth it'll shout '25'!

(Really slow)

One last time,sing the song of Yes.Kay
................ For Yes.Kay Twenty-Five,Yeah,25!



  1. this is for sure one of the best gifts i have ever recieved :) :) Thanks is too formal :) No words bro :)

  2. hey Sathya,... i didnt know this is Yes Kay whom I have met thru Orkut.. O boy..u have a great poetic sense...your choice of words is too god..I have enjoyed all ur verses but have never commented cos I didnt know who this person is:)
    Keep up the great work buddy!!

  3. whoa.. :) This literally made my day! :) When a compliment comes from a calibre of yours,it's indeed heart-warming :) Thank you so much meena sis.

  4. wishin energies make their way.. so i could to meet him.... n live 4 a while with him...

  5. OMG!!!! I have read this a long time back, but finally got a chance to comment...
    You know, how to show the person you love, how much you love them :D.
    Kanna, as the saying goes, "what you give comes back to you", all the love you shower is coming on its way to reach you!!!! it is destined to touch and steal your heart, i believe its already in the process. ;) god bless you with the HEART to love all.... :D