Thursday, September 23, 2010

For thou,Gnans.

As every moment passes by,
I wonder what makes me stand-by,
It's 'cause of people who stood by
Me through all the by-gones.

I'm blessed,i'm gifted ,it's bliss
is what the heart feels.
Your presence haunts
Through the blood veins.

I was glad,
When you expressed
you felt good
even after all the canard.

Child like innocence,
With the resonance
of love in this existence
is thy essence.

Art of love remains
in you like i wish happiness
for you always,
For our endless, friendliness.

For thou,Gnans. <3

Happy b'day,mate,
wish ya,peace. :)


  1. thanks may be just a word for this and that will keep some distance too...will keep this endless like u said mate...cheeeeeeeeerrrsss:-):-):-)

  2. it stuns me to see guys share these kind of wild expressions in friendship....infact i wil nomore or never again let the thought that guys are inexpressive pass my mind.....really nice..........