Monday, May 16, 2011

To the joy of Smil-eeeeeeeeeee

A tear and a raindrop,both are of same form but the essence of it varies in such a huge way. A raindrop or many raindrops can wash the tear away without traces. The nature of a raindrop is it arises from the darkness of clouds,but deep down it's formed by the flowing water of oceans,lakes and seas on earth mingled with the breeze. When this combination decides to fly and reach out to the clouds,it gives million raindrops washing all tears,by taking it within itself along the way.

That little little raindrops is've decided to wash away the tears of you(remember,when you were born,you are born by crying out) and others,by flying up in the air of happiness and smiles. It just dispels in all directions,giving its nature to the surrounding atmosphere by washing all the miseries out of them. The essence of a little smile may be less,but it's bundled with the whole world of heart's joy,for that a smile is a beautiful reflection of the heart. And the heart is always deep in its richness. When that richness of smile walks with two legs in the form of you,people around you can't help but pull out their darkness and start flying merging with the world of joy in you.

And then there was this little boy who was living with his grandmother. The boy's grandmother had all the complaints in the world to make about people,things and life itself. But the boy was always happy with the things he played,people he met and the places he went. Everyday he would narrate happy stories of what he saw during the whole day. That ended up as the only source of happiness for the grandmother.
One day,on pondering how this boy is happy with the way things are,she asked her grandson,"Beta,how come you are always finding happier things to explain to me?" He replied by taking two stones in his hand,"When you take these two stones and keep repelling each other,it will cause fire. But you know when I keep the stones side by side filling the gaps with sand,I can build a house out of it,where many little beings like insects and birds come stay and go. In making them hear happiness out of what i have with me,i find happiness",the boy playfully yet profoundly taught grandma the lesson of her lifetime.

Life is not complaining about what we don't have,but it's about making the best use of what we have and make others happy with that in our own way. In the little little acts you do,the little thank you's you say,the kind words and wishes you have for people around you,the hugs and kisses,the little appreciation and the little cute expressions you make....all these may be little because of the word little,but certainly not these acts. They are bigger like expands on and on with as many people around you,getting these vibes of you.

Wonder why trees grow higher and higher,giving flowers and fruits?Because they're rising to a higher level of being happy so that people can keep seeing the delicate beauty of flowers,tasting the aroma of plants and smelling the aura of its branches.They imbibe the essence in beings around them so that they'd pick up those qualities.

Such a flower,precisely a purple flower,in a plant is you. So delicately cute that people can keep seeing you and beauty of your smile all day long. They can either get induced by the smell of this flower or they can pluck it and keep it in their hearts wherever they go,it'll still give the same flavor no matter who keeps it and takes off.

If at all I can equate your nature of joy and happiness with something,then it will be the following little little things that brings you joy in your heart when you do it or see it or feel it...

"Shaking the branches of trees just after the rainfall,
raindrops falling on the head,into the eyebrows,then into the mouth...

That cold smoke through the mouth in winter without a cigar

Tasting that last drop of juice raising the jar up above the head..

Sleeping with open eyes after waking up with a blanket on...

That moment when tears roll out and suddenly rain comes,takes the tear away..

The long hair of a girl when she uses her finger and puts it above the ear,then smiles... (like you do now :) )

When a little child holds your one finger and walks..

Counting the stars at night and losing count of it again and again..

That answer when you guess,becomes right and everyone applauds..

When a pet ,on seeing you,runs to you and makes you fall,then jumps on you..

The morning aura of a bed coffee..

That shirt you buy for a friend,without knowing the size,and it just fits him perfectly..

That skate you do on seeing a smooth surface..

Random smile at a stranger and when that person smiles back...

That deja vu moment of happiness..

The priceless hug by everyone on your b'day..(My hugs to you,now! :) )

Rolling over the message inbox and going through the sweet little texts over and over again...

Wearing a spectacle ,keeping the eyes up and seeing in between that...

Seeing yourself through others' eyes...

Caressing a pet from tail to head and suddenly it closes its eyes and sleeps...

Jumping on random stones without getting wet in a water-filled path..

Chasing the shadow and you never catch it...

Making bubbles with the mouth..

That little sound you make and bam...someone in the crowd replies you with the same sound...

One piece of grain that a group of ants carry on a wall..

Dimple on someone's cheeks when they smile..

The leaves of trees replying back to the sounds of breeze..

(to be continued.. :) as the saga of joy in You never ends.. :))

Let all the little little happiness make you happy,like always.
Let your love for you and others keep expanding,like always.
Let the celebration of life continue forever,like today.
And let the Smile be happy like you,Bhav-eeeeeeeeee. :) <3

Lotsa luv,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

For thou,Gnans.

As every moment passes by,
I wonder what makes me stand-by,
It's 'cause of people who stood by
Me through all the by-gones.

I'm blessed,i'm gifted ,it's bliss
is what the heart feels.
Your presence haunts
Through the blood veins.

I was glad,
When you expressed
you felt good
even after all the canard.

Child like innocence,
With the resonance
of love in this existence
is thy essence.

Art of love remains
in you like i wish happiness
for you always,
For our endless, friendliness.

For thou,Gnans. <3

Happy b'day,mate,
wish ya,peace. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five to six-sensed Evolution.

As I sit down
In the midst of a bush-grown
Before the rise of dawn,
Closely from the being
The eyes captures
The beings around,
Their attitude towards life.

In deep silence, I look
Their way of living.

This little white flowery fly,
It takes off from the ground,
Knowing the short life it possesses.
It moves, flies, climbs high,
And, oh! There it goes down.

It gets uprooted from soil,
It gives up dying, living.
However short its life is.

And the other one,
It’s even baffling
As it’s caught by
The ever-moving dark ant.

As it makes it the prey,
Did I tell you?
It shares what it gets!!
The kingdom lines up,
Close on the heels of
Dropping the food,
Ah! The other one comes
And gets hold of it.
There they go,
Moving on and on, in unison.

As the life withers away,
That little snail from the Snell,
Came out at the right moment,
Caught hold of its desire.

In the far end
Is this little cat
With sharp eyes,
It comes
jumping, flying In ecstasy,
as if there’s
Tons of prey,
That intensity!!

Oh and there she comes,
Shhhhhrr, from the Snell
To the deep throat,
A being rests in peace
Through another.

As the satisfaction covers its face,
Lowers its head,
Slows its walk,
It gradually rises and rises,
And looks towards heaven.

That image captures,
in the eyes,
Through the mind.

A little bird,
from the nest
Like a perfect army
With its relatives, by air,
Flies, as it swings the arms,
Higher and higher for eternity.

A moment of big stature
Holds the journey,
down she comes
Slowly and slowly, carefully
Strays down on a cow.

This gigantic being
Did it shrug the feather off?
Oh no! As if they’re in-mates,
They cuddle as the
Sharp-peak-mouth of bird
Flings the little micron
Between the hairs in the ears.
They’re on a song
Filled with bliss,
Beyond all the boundaries.

As this mind, this human mind
Comes back to normalcy
It goes vrooooooom ...
Bundle of thoughts…
“Why this life? Why this memory?
Why this guilt? Why sadness?
Why to forget? Why not in the moment?
Why this m (e) an-less war inside?”
Questions. Questions. Questions.

And all the beings
Around this human mind
In the existence
Laughingly jokes,

“You six-coated-nothing
We five-together-something make a laugh
However minute we’re
However short our life is
But you, you…
With that extra-perception,
Always glooming in the questions!!

Take a piece from us,
Just fly, share, move, love
Forget, live and how?
To the fullest,
In the moment,
Every moment.”

With the happy-tears of
Those dark clouds
Towards the desert
The darkness vanished outside,
Greener it becomes inside,
Lively the life is! <3

P.S: Happy b'day sush. This one's for you. Life's beautiful,right?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yes! Okay! is affirmation of my heart,Yes.Kay!

Literally t-h-e-s-e l-e-t-t-e-r-s combine and make a ‘word’,in the hindsight is a imagery of L-O-V-E which comes from heart in the soul. Narrowing down on Yes.Kay,is this heart from the deepest bottom. Like the rain kissing the earth and in reply the earth takes in all the rain,they just don’t need introduction. The essence is always there,only at some end of life,you get to experience such relation of ‘two-bodies-one-soul’ thingo. One such relation is ours. Rarely did we spent time together,but guess what we have an intimate connection fluxed in the souls. Maybe because of the same wavelength or the depth and intensity of love we share. Just inexplicable . Lucky ,blessed and gifted to be a part of such lovely relation,though related by nothing cuz there’s no ‘WE’ in ‘I AM’. ;)

Come what may let’s face it is what my inner voice keeps ringing whenever the thinking ,talking is about him. Highly influential person,positively influential to the core. I bet once you get to know him,even when you hear or see him,you can’t help but be heavily inspired and motivated. Those enthusiastic mix of innocence in him is what makes him say that he can melt the universe just with LOVE. “It’s either highway or his way,as he says. But he must know that whether it’s his way or other way,it’s always highway,for the persona that he is.

People get drowned and depressed because of overlooking what opinion the society holds upon them. He’s opposite pole of that,never lets others’ dogma in him,he’s truly himself,expressing,loving,dancing,singing,enjoying,giving and living. Society terms winning/losing as success/failure . but guess what,he gives a damn about that and moves on saying “You just have to keep the ball rolling and living you life to the fullest. As long as I’m into something,I’ll give everything I’ve till me last breath until I’m satisfied. Results? They don’t matter,cuz I know I lived those moments completely like no one ever could”.

So it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any negative traits attached with him,when that child-like innocence is keepin’ him alive and fresh. He’s like a freshly flowered lotus in the morning,so pure,so serene and sooooo beautiful,even when the surrounding is clay,he makes it into a pot and drinks water.

“I love admiring life,
I love love,
When the love is you,
Filled with life,
I love and admire you,
For the life in me is you.”

He instantly connects wth people,the reason is everyone loves to be someone that they wish to,but he’s a living example as that ‘someone’. You don’t get rid off an instantly hummable tune,do you? That sorta humming will be your breathe,when he’s in(around) you. Never and ever throws moonlight for that he always tries to shower some sunshine he’s got in him. Life is not merely existing,it’s about never putting off living . He lives,lives so beautifully every moment putting a smile on people’s face,even when they think about him. Like I am doing now.

The world is not how it’s,it’s how one looks into it. He looks into it with so much care that he can’t even reflect a bit of anger towards others. Trust me,you’ll never introspect your perspective when you see him,it’ll be good or else he’ll make you to think good with whateva perspective you’ve got.

One sees grace and divinity spontaneously wherever he goes only when one has no inhibitions,no expectations en route no frustrations and no tinge of ego in him. He has that and he sees that eternal spark which fills him with lots of life. In a so called fast-paced world,where materials get the fine treatment ,he stops you and hits you hard with love in him and makes you to respect the souls around you.

More significantly , he accepts ‘you’ as ‘you’. There’s nothing called partiality embedded in him,he sees soul in everything rather everyone ,be it a six-sensed human or five-sensed animal,pardon,he makes that six with his love.

Love is not in words,it’s through expressing,caring and living. You’re like a high octave AR pitch bro,it’ll give you no option but to fall in complete love with it. On a spring season,he’s like that last leaf in a tree which seldom leaves its root interconnected by branches. It might fall,but will rise again on another rainy season from the ashes,for what? For giving all the fruits that it has got,it gives and gives.

“A prayer from the origin of soul,
Never so divine and pure as this
To bless you with smiles always,
Not to make you happy,
But to make others happy,
Cuz that’s where your happiness is”

“LOVE YOU” senthi na,I really do,till this breath holds me tight. Make L-I-F-E proud with all the L-I-F-E you’ve put into your soul with L-O-V-E. Yes! Okay! Is symbolism of affirmation. But for me,it’s the affirmation of my heart,Yes.Kay!!

-Urs Sathya(Always admirin’ you at some corner :-) )

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So,everybody say Yes.Kay!


I'm starting to put my pen on the paper,
After all the laziness crooning me in the corner,
Thinking about what to write
And how to put this out in words,
Striving hard to let the heart rule
Yeah! This pleasure of describing a soul
Makes me more soulful 'n passionate.
And the soul is a major part of me,


Yes! They named him Senthil Kumaran.
Okay! He autographs senthi.
Yes! Okay! He calls him Yes.Kay!
It's either high way or his way!
Letting you into his way,Here we go peeps!

(Verse 1)

Sometimes at some laggin' end of life,
feelin' disheartened ,been outta shape
Comes a ray of light,which always shines
That shine in the shrine,who could
change the attitude of one's life
is this bright sun-shine named Yes.Kay!


For a persona of flamboyance,
For that epitome of attitude,
And yeah,
For that oozing energy and confidence,
Here i am,
Tryna explain his whole life story,
Thro' my eyes,in his way,Yes.Kay!


You're okay,if you say yes! Yes okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 2)

Taking the majority junk,
Crooked are the minds,hard are the hearts,
Like the smell of earth,
Just after the rain,
Comes a pure heart
Erasing the miseries around
Lifting people up with his arms,
Giving 'em all that he's got,
Makes him the real champ of hearts.


And you're okay,if you say yes! Yes okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 3)

Everyone takes 'everyone' in 'em
Everywhere they go.
Hardly everyone takes everything
of one to everywhere.
Ain't happens with everyone
But with a special one in someone
Everyone can't resist,
but take this one everywhere!
That 'one' in everyone
who knows this one's Yes.Kay!


Neva sits back,
wallowing or procastinating,
Lives the moment,faces life in its stride
Oh yeah! Bounded by nothin'
Surrounded by everythin'
He has somethin' of him
in everythin' he does.


So,come again fella's,
Tap ya feets,
You're okay,if you say yes! Yes Okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 4)

Bonding's ain't about the quantity of days,
It's about the quality of moments spent,
Even more ,it's the feeling of oneness.
Never feel distant again,
now that we've got to know each other
Two by bodies,one by soul,
United by love,
From you to me,me to you,Yes.Kay!


Muscles,blood cells,et al maketh a body,
Money,bricks et al maketh materials.
Gives a shit about all of 'em
For that he has a heart
Filled with tons of life
Spreading graceful love,in
every iota of a second!

No worries,forget and forgive
Seems to be his whole life policy,
Politely,a voice in me hustles
"You've met one of your births
Thro' the energy that he spells,
Oh yeah! You beta spell it rite, Yes.Kay!


And you're okay,most certainly okay,
If you say Yes! Yes Okay!
So,everybody let's sing the song of Yes.Kay!

(Verse 5)

World's better place,
for the ones who the world is him!
No inhibitions,no expectations of any kind,
He loves,lives,gives and never regrets.
So what ya do for him,
From the heart ,sing the song of Yes.Kay!
One more time ,the song of Yes.Kay!


Rite now,take a moment to wish him
a happy b'day filled with lotsa love!
And yeah! Setting the records right
The saga of Yes.Kay continues ...
Witness - You ask earth it'll shout '25'!

(Really slow)

One last time,sing the song of Yes.Kay
................ For Yes.Kay Twenty-Five,Yeah,25!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

' அன்பு தாயே '

"உன் இமைக்கும் பாதத்துக்கும்
உள்ள பிடிப்பு
உன் ஆத்மாவே .

ஆத்மாவிற்கு உருகொடுத்த
வானுக்கும் மண்ணுக்கும்
உள்ள தொடர்பு மழையே .

மழையில் கலக்கும் கநீற்போல்
கரைந்த என் துன்பங்களின்
முற்றுபுள்ளி ஆனது நீயே .

நீ அவிடம் ,நான் இவிடம்
உன்னுடன் சென்ற நாட்கள் ஏவிடம்
அவ்விடம் -நீ அறிந்த என் இதயமே .

இதயம் விழுந்த அந்த
அன்பின் இன்பகடலாகிய உன்னில்
சரணடைந்தேன் என்னையே .

என் ஆத்மாவில் கலந்த
உன் நினைவுகள்
என்னை விட்டு மறைவதிலயே .

மறையும் இந்த இரவு ,
விடியும் ஒரு காலை ,
மாற்றம் தான் பிரபஞ்சத்தின் நிரந்தரமே .

நிரந்தரம் இல்லா வாழ்வில்
நிரந்தர அன்பு மழர்களின் நறுமணத்தில்
என்னை தழைக்க வைத்த உயிர் நீயே. . .
. . . . . . அன்பு தாயே .

- சத்யா .

Everyone's ONE

Everyone's a musician,
For that heart beats every second.
Any better music than that?

Everyone's a photographer,
For that eyes clicks every moment.
Any better lens than that?

Everyone's an artist,
For that actions are reaction of thoughts.
Any better art than that?

Everyone's a theist,
For that one believes in own self.
Any better belief than that?

Everyone's a poet,
For that one emotes at every instance.
Any better poetry than that?

Everyone's a singer,
For that one utters maa at first.
Any better song than that?

Everyone's kind,
For that one's from mother's womb.
Any better love than that?

Everyone's a globe-trotter,
For that one has a world inside.
Any better world to explore?

Everyone's beautiful,
For that one has heart.
Any better beauty?

Everyone's gifted,
For that one's a human.
Any better gift than that?

Everyone's ONE,
For that we're HUMANS,
Any better TRUTH than that?:-)